Friday, February 4, 2011

Secret Six #30 and a Doomed preview.......

About Secret Six #30: I quite enjoyed this issue. I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and have started reading Secret Six TPBs to gain a better grasp of the characters. I felt Gail Simone was quite true to everything that I'd previously read, and had quite a good handle on the Doom Patrol.

As a Doom Patrol fan, first and foremost, I was hoping for more of them, though I do understand that this IS the Secret Six's comic, and they're entitled to their own plot development. The next half of the crossover should shine more light on our freaky heroes.

Art-wise, Caliafore reminded me of Matthew Clark's detailed work, and Gail Simone seemingly channelled Giffen with some of her jokes. She certainly seemed to enjoy writing Ambush Bug, but his appearance does make me wonder: is he an actual member now, or still a hangabout?

Definitely looking forward to the next half of the crossover. Previews mentioned that a member of the Six will leave........... will they be joining the Doom Patrol?

And on a side-note, here's a sketch from an upcoming issue of Doom Patrol, by artist Matthew Clark! Remember these guys?!

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