Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad news..........

From bleedingcool.com:

At ComicsPro, DC people talked about the cancellation of a number of DC titles to make way for the Flashpoint mini-series on the publishing slate.
Some we knew were cancelled, like the Batbooks Azrael, Batman Streets Of Gotham and Batman Confidential.

One we'd just learned of, Outsiders, reverting to Batman And The Outsiders for its final issue in May.

And some we didn’t, like Freedom Fighters, Doom Patrol, Rebels and JSA All Stars.
What happens to the books or the creators after Flashpoint concludes, I don’t know. Expect confirmation of cancellations in the upcoming May solicitations.

Not really the news we'd like to be hearing, especially knowing that Doom Patrol has been setting up for several more storylines. Hopefully this is one of those times where Rich Johnston is wrong, or where Doom Patrol is being set up for a relaunch/anthology title.
Should know more soon with the May solicits.........


  1. May solicits are out and DP is indeed one of the books being axed.

    Of course there aren't any details on what comes after (or during) Flashpoint for the creative teams or the characters. So maybe...

    I'm hoping that Giffen will post something on the DC Boards that may shed some light on what's up one way or another.