Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doom Patrol #19 review!

Before I tell you how great #19 was, did you see the mention that the iPetition received at Bleeding Cool?! While Rich Johnston was reasonably happy with the latest issue, he respectfully plugged the "Save the Doom Patrol" petition - thanks very much, Rich!

Onto #19, the second half of the Secret Six crossover - and it was absolutely thrilling! The Doom Patrol FINALLY get their 'revenge' on the Six (Eight?!), all the while retaining their trademark humour and innovative use of powers. Elasti-Woman had more than one memorable moment in this issue, and the selflessness with which she undertook her task highlighted what a noble character Rita is, putty or not.

And finally, another appearance from Danny the..... Bungalow! I have the feeling that the Bug was only onboard these two issues to even up the odds a bit, and not as an actual member, but would anyone else here put up their hands for a Giffen-scribed "Adventures of Ambush Bug and Danny the Bungalow" mini-series?? Whatever happened to Jeanette must've been quite amusing, from indoors!

Nice to see Bumblebee get some shots at Bane, and Larry's arch-nemesis coming in to save the day - who would've ever thought it?!
The art was consistently good, as always. I'm definitely looking forward to Matthew Clark's Robotman spotlight, especially after some of his fabulous panels in this issue. 4.5/5

Doom Patrol, in 3 issues time, we will miss you............. that all sign the "Save the Doom Patrol" iPetition and let DC know how you feel by writing directly to them!

Thanks very much for all the support so far!

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  1. Glad to see the petition getting attention. I don't agree with Bleeding Cool's review of Matt Clark's art. His art is perfect for the mood of the title. It's a big, big part of what made me pick up this series right at the beginning.