Monday, February 28, 2011

Keeping up with the Doom Podtrol?

I'm sad to say that I haven't been. Murray, who runs the Doom Podtrol Podcast doesn't brag enough about the great work he does with constant podcasts! I thought I'd only missed a few, but they're already up to #16!!

If you want to check it out for the first time, or you're just behind like myself, check out the Doom Podtrol!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doom Patrol: Then and Now..........

Being a reasonably long-time Doom Patrol fan, I often find myself reflecting back on the original team, in comparison with their current, modern versions.

Robotman: Back in the original run, I found Cliff to be almost interchangeable with the Thing (from FF), in terms of his personality, speech patterns, and general behaviour. I don't see him as a rip-off of the character - moreso just a character created in a similar vein, with a headstrong personality and a big metal heart.

Nowadays, whilst his speech pattern is more similar to the Thing's, he's branched out as more of a 'human' character. He makes mistakes, he says/does the wrong thing (as does any character infused with human traits) but behind it all, he really is an everyman, and always willing to stand by his friends. I've never been a fan of the 'tough guy' stereotype in comic teams, but Cliff is different. He's been through a lot, and is still willing to save the day.

Negative Man: I was never particularly drawn to Larry in the original run. He was different, a bit odd, quite aloof, but still inherently likeable. I was impressed by his later incarnation of Rebis, although one could argue that they didn't share any common traits aside from the bandages.

The modern Larry is one of my favourite characters ever. By turning up the personality of the original version, and maintaining his affection for the other members, Larry has become the team clown, who just can't stop joking. I see elements of the Human Torch in the original version, and possibly Spider-Man in this incarnation, which is befitting of a guy who is made up of several bodies and personalities (over time).

Elasti-Woman: In previous appearances, Rita was usually the damsel in distress, and there wasn't much to differentiate her from other females at the time. She was a likeable character, though I never really understood her attraction for the arrogance of Mento.

Modern Rita is a flawed, human, emotional character who has five times more depth than most of the female characters in comics. She has been through a lot, and is not afraid to reflect that in her personality. Whilst she is finally learning to hold onto the family that she has, Rita still has a way to go in being happy with the 'person' that she is. Her spotlight issue is always a pleasure to re-read.

How does everyone else compare the original versions with the modern incarnations?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Their Greatest Adventure - Save the DP!

Regular Doom Patrol reviewer, Dangermart, has put together a very interesting article promoting the movement to Save the Doom Patrol - check it out at Dangermart! Mart has been a wonderful support of this comic with his honest and accurate reviews, and hopefully this comic will be around long enough to create some more positive output from his blog!

What else can you do to help save the Doom Patrol?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Most frequently relaunched comics?

Newsarama has an interesting article about the most frequently relaunched comics, including this snippet on Doom Patrol:

"DC’s team of superpowered misfits led by an older man in a wheelchair actually pre-dated Marvel’s X-Men by a couple of months, though while Uncanny X-Men has been going strong for 532 issues and counting, Doom Patrol hasn’t had the same luck. The first volume took over the numbering of the intriguingly titled My Greatest Adventure in 1964, lasting until #124. The team got a new ongoing in 1987, which Grant Morrison took over and thoroughly Morrison-ified starting with issue #19, leading to the comic becoming part of DC’s mature readers line, Vertigo. Two short-lived DC proper series followed in 2001 (from John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat) and 2004 (by John Byrne), leading to the current Keith Giffen-written series, which is ending with May’s issue #22. Can a sixth volume be far behind?" 

Read the full article at Newsarama!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doom Patrol #19 review!

Before I tell you how great #19 was, did you see the mention that the iPetition received at Bleeding Cool?! While Rich Johnston was reasonably happy with the latest issue, he respectfully plugged the "Save the Doom Patrol" petition - thanks very much, Rich!

Onto #19, the second half of the Secret Six crossover - and it was absolutely thrilling! The Doom Patrol FINALLY get their 'revenge' on the Six (Eight?!), all the while retaining their trademark humour and innovative use of powers. Elasti-Woman had more than one memorable moment in this issue, and the selflessness with which she undertook her task highlighted what a noble character Rita is, putty or not.

And finally, another appearance from Danny the..... Bungalow! I have the feeling that the Bug was only onboard these two issues to even up the odds a bit, and not as an actual member, but would anyone else here put up their hands for a Giffen-scribed "Adventures of Ambush Bug and Danny the Bungalow" mini-series?? Whatever happened to Jeanette must've been quite amusing, from indoors!

Nice to see Bumblebee get some shots at Bane, and Larry's arch-nemesis coming in to save the day - who would've ever thought it?!
The art was consistently good, as always. I'm definitely looking forward to Matthew Clark's Robotman spotlight, especially after some of his fabulous panels in this issue. 4.5/5

Doom Patrol, in 3 issues time, we will miss you............. that all sign the "Save the Doom Patrol" iPetition and let DC know how you feel by writing directly to them!

Thanks very much for all the support so far!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More support for Doom Patrol!

The iPetition is progressing nicely, with the hope that the cancellation could at least be staved off til Giffen can finish his wonderful run on Doom Patrol. If you haven't signed the iPetition yet, you'll find it at:

Also, make sure you send an e-mail to DC's Letters page at:

Let DC know how you feel about losing your favourite title! Keep it calm, keep it cool, but let's ask for at least Giffen's run to be complete. 

Thankyou for all your support, Doom Patrol fans! 

Doom Patrol #19 preview!

On a lighter note from yesterday's disappointing news, here's a preview of Doom Patrol #19, courtesy of Newsarama!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Save the Doom Patrol - an iPetition.

If you're a fan of Giffen's Doom Patrol, I'd like your help.

I've set up an iPetition at: with the intention of trying to help keep this title afloat a bit longer, at least until Keith and Matthew can finish the story that they have intended to tell from the start.

As Keith once said - they'd have to pry Doom Patrol from his cold, dead fingers. Therefore, his 'life' is in our hands. 

Please sign the petition, and encourage any Doom Patrol-loving friends that you have, to sign it as well. Hopefully, DC will see the intense level of support that this comic book has. It's worked for Spider-Girl several times. I believe it's worked for other mainstream comics, as well. So we can only give it a go - but as I said - I need your help.

Please sign the iPetition to "Save the Doom Patrol" once more!

Doom Patrol #22 - final issue.........

Sad news today. Here's the solicit for the final issue:


It’s all been building to this! To retake Oolong Island, The Doom Patrol must face a pan-galactic array of foes, old and new alike. Hanging in the balance is the fate of the team, the island – and maybe even the world!

Not much else to say at this stage. Very disappointing news. And with the 3rd TPB covering up to #21, will we even see the final issue reprinted? Hopefully DC will find a spot for Doom Patrol once Flashpoint is over......

Bad news..........


At ComicsPro, DC people talked about the cancellation of a number of DC titles to make way for the Flashpoint mini-series on the publishing slate.
Some we knew were cancelled, like the Batbooks Azrael, Batman Streets Of Gotham and Batman Confidential.

One we'd just learned of, Outsiders, reverting to Batman And The Outsiders for its final issue in May.

And some we didn’t, like Freedom Fighters, Doom Patrol, Rebels and JSA All Stars.
What happens to the books or the creators after Flashpoint concludes, I don’t know. Expect confirmation of cancellations in the upcoming May solicitations.

Not really the news we'd like to be hearing, especially knowing that Doom Patrol has been setting up for several more storylines. Hopefully this is one of those times where Rich Johnston is wrong, or where Doom Patrol is being set up for a relaunch/anthology title.
Should know more soon with the May solicits.........

Friday, February 11, 2011

Doom Patrol #20 update

After next week's Doom Patrol #19, the following issue, #20, will be delayed from 2nd March, until 9th March.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black Lantern Dorothy Spinner?!

Jude DeLuca from the DC Boards had the following sketch drawn up by artist Joe Prado:

Very interesting work - Thanks Jude! I wonder how Cliff Steele would've handled confronting this version of Dorothy...........

And while we're preparing for next week's issue of Doom Patrol (vs Secret Six), Gail Simone took part in an interview with MTV Geek, where she discusses getting the voices for the Doom Patrollers, and how the Secret Six would fare against other DC teams!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Secret Six #30 and a Doomed preview.......

About Secret Six #30: I quite enjoyed this issue. I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and have started reading Secret Six TPBs to gain a better grasp of the characters. I felt Gail Simone was quite true to everything that I'd previously read, and had quite a good handle on the Doom Patrol.

As a Doom Patrol fan, first and foremost, I was hoping for more of them, though I do understand that this IS the Secret Six's comic, and they're entitled to their own plot development. The next half of the crossover should shine more light on our freaky heroes.

Art-wise, Caliafore reminded me of Matthew Clark's detailed work, and Gail Simone seemingly channelled Giffen with some of her jokes. She certainly seemed to enjoy writing Ambush Bug, but his appearance does make me wonder: is he an actual member now, or still a hangabout?

Definitely looking forward to the next half of the crossover. Previews mentioned that a member of the Six will leave........... will they be joining the Doom Patrol?

And on a side-note, here's a sketch from an upcoming issue of Doom Patrol, by artist Matthew Clark! Remember these guys?!

Secret Six crossover!

Hi everyone - all is well and safe on this side of the world. We've survived two cyclones in a week (and massive flooding several weeks earlier, down south), but we're hopefully on the mend.

I hope you all enjoyed the Secret Six crossover issue, from this week. I haven't had a chance to buy it yet, as most of the shops are still closed here (including the comic shop). Dangermart, as always, has an excellent review, claiming it's a must-buy crossover issue, with some excellent art, and great writing from Gail Simone.

You'll find another positive review at IGN, giving the issue 8 out of 10!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyclone warning

We are currently bracing for Cyclone Yasi to hit the coast of North Queensland. I'll be in touch someday soon, hopefully. Best wishes,