Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black Lantern Dorothy Spinner?!

Jude DeLuca from the DC Boards had the following sketch drawn up by artist Joe Prado:

Very interesting work - Thanks Jude! I wonder how Cliff Steele would've handled confronting this version of Dorothy...........

And while we're preparing for next week's issue of Doom Patrol (vs Secret Six), Gail Simone took part in an interview with MTV Geek, where she discusses getting the voices for the Doom Patrollers, and how the Secret Six would fare against other DC teams!


  1. I actually wrote a story to go along with Dorothy rising from the grave, but I wrote it before Blackest Night started, so the only words she speaks are "riiiiise!" and "Cliff".

    Joe's a great artist. He's actually taking commissions for C2E2, so I suggest you try to get him to Black Lantern-ize any other dead Patroller.


  2. Oh, how I wish Dorothy would come back... but not as a Black Lantern zombie. Even though Cliff asked that the plug be pulled on her life support at the end of the Arcudi series, there are definitely ways in comics to bring anyone back. I'd also love to see a return of Rhea Jones too. Definitely 2 of my favorite former-DPers.

  3. The easiest way to bring Dorothy back would be via Free Country (see The Children's Crusade crossover), but I'm a little behind reading FABLES and JACK OF..., so I don't know what the status of Free Country is.
    You're so right about Rhea Jones/Lodestone/Pupa or whatever she is now. She's several events overdue for a return. I kept expecting her to show up in one of the various Rann-Thanagar conflicts that started six years ago, or any of the Mystery In Space follow-ups. It seems like every outer space character DC ever published, from Space Cabby to the kid in the old Cheerios advertisement, showed up except Rhea.