Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doom Patrol #22 - final issue.........

Sad news today. Here's the solicit for the final issue:


It’s all been building to this! To retake Oolong Island, The Doom Patrol must face a pan-galactic array of foes, old and new alike. Hanging in the balance is the fate of the team, the island – and maybe even the world!

Not much else to say at this stage. Very disappointing news. And with the 3rd TPB covering up to #21, will we even see the final issue reprinted? Hopefully DC will find a spot for Doom Patrol once Flashpoint is over......


  1. Maybe they'll decide to throw issue #22 into the trade as well, just for completeness.

  2. Multiversity comics says this could be temporary due to flashpoint?

    "On top of that, information coming out of Comics Pro has created a brand new list of "cancelled" titles. If these titles are completely gone for good is uncertain as this could simply be a temporary change during the months Flashpoint is active"


  3. In the first week of February my regular comic shop had a promotional poster at the counter, of pretty generous size, too, announcing DC's move to all-$2.99(USD) price point formats for comics. It featured a couple dozen of their most popular characters and I looked up and down to see if the DP were anywhere. Nothing. At first I thought, "Well, that's one less 'cameo' I have to record." Then I noticed there was no Gar Logan either, although there were plenty of Teen Titans (including what seemed like everyone else from the original 1980 NTT line-up. I don't know why, but that seemed much stranger to me than the DP being snubbed.

  4. So damned annoyed by this news...fingers crossed it IS only temporary due to Fla$hpoint...way to build hype, DC

  5. If the books listed as Final Issue/Cancelled were only being put on temporary "hold" during Flashpoint, wouldn't DC simply put them on hiatus, instead of outright cancelling them. I mean, Marvel does this all the time (mind you, most of thier "hiatus" titles NEVER come back, but alas.) By straight up cancelling these books, they'd almost have to restart them with #1's again, which is possible. But in all honesty, every title cancelled had really low sales. So I don't have too much hope, unfortunately. (Sorry, don't mean to be such a downer.)

  6. In the 1960's and 1970's it was extremely common for a once cancelled title to be revived with a continuation from the earlier numbering, but since the 1990's and the past decade it has been even more common for a series that was healthy to be cancelled for the purposes of replacing it with an only marginally different version of the same title. (see Teen Titans, Aquaman, Hard Times, LSH, much of Marvel...)
    My concern is that DC may have decided to experiment with taking certain titles to trade-only format, just as thirty years ago DC and Marvel both experimented with lines of direct market only formats that existed side-by-side with newsstand titles and even shared continuity with them.

  7. Damn you DC!!!!!

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  8. My concern is that DC may have decided to experiment with taking certain titles to trade-only format,
    Are you saying that you think that some of the cancelled titles may return in the form of new trades? Or that DC suspected that these titles which were cancelled weren't going to sell a whole lot of books, but that they hoped that the sales in trades would make up for the lower floppies sales?