Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brian Keene (Doom Patrol #16) interview! - Part 2

AND NOW.......Part Two of the Brian Keene interview:

Q: Going back to Doom Patrol, Keith recently mentioned in an interview that your "change of pace" issue would relate to Ted Bruder/Fast Forward/Negative Man II, formerly of the Arcudi Doom Patrol. What drew you to this character in particular, and what's he been up to since the Arcudi run? 

A: I loved the Arcudi run. I’ve never understood why it didn’t catch on. The characters were quirky—maybe not as bizarre as we’ve come to expect from Doom Patrol members—but certainly unique. Of them all, my favorite was Ted. I loved his cynicism and his worldview. It was wonderful characterization on Arcudi’s part. Ted was a character that stepped off the page. He stood out from others. He wasn’t necessarily a guy you’d like in real-life, but he was certainly the type of fictional anti-hero you could get behind. 

As for what he’s been up to… well, let’s just say Ted has fallen on hard times. He’d lost his powers at the end of the Arcudi run, due to the meds he was taking. Now those powers are out of control. He doesn’t just see into the future or into alternate realities anymore. He travels to them. And quite often, the things he finds there follow him back to our Earth.

Q: Speaking of that run, readers have noted it's lack of original team members. Do you feel the Doom Patrol works best with it's original members involved, with mostly new and strange faces, or a combination (and why)?

A: As a fan, I prefer both. Yes, Cliff should always be present. To not have him there is akin to not having The Thing in the Fantastic Four or Superman in the Justice League. And I’ve got a soft spot for Larry and Rita. But I think newer characters like Crazy Jane and Danny the Street/Brick are just as engaging and vital to the overall mythos. I think they key is the bizarre factor. Would Nightwing make a good cast addition? Probably not. But Ambush Bug fits right in.

Q: The newest incarnation of the team focuses primarily on the originals - what are your thoughts on the Giffen/Clark run?

A: Like I said, as a fan, I’ve loved it. Consistently one of the best monthly titles DC produces, aside from the Vertigo titles.

Q: So Brian, what can you tell us about #16? What does Brian Keene have in store for the Doom Patrol?

A: A fill-in issue that builds upon the first 15 issues and lays the groundwork for some things to come. I don’t want to spoil things, so I’ll just do some random word association: Feral Rita, Nazi Larry, Steampunk Cliff, Homeless Ted, Mountie Ambush Bug and the Number Seventeen. That last part is important. What are the other Sixteen?

There are no pelicans in this issue, however…

Q: What can you share about Doom Patrol doppelgangers Feral Rita, Nazi Larry and Steampunk Cliff?

A: They all come from alternate reality futures, and they all spell bad news for our heroes.

Q: Some word association to finish off:

- Rita

I’d do her.

- Cliff

Kicks ass.

- Larry

Is more sane than we think.

- The Chief

Is really still that severed head from Grant Morrison’s run, and the current incarnation is a phony (my opinion only).

- Keith Giffen

Kicks more ass than Cliff.

- Brian Keene

Is very tired.

- Grant Morrison's run


- John Arcudi's run


- John Byrne's run

Not so much.

- Doom Patrol #16!

Buy two copies, and keep the series alive!

Brian, thankyou so much for your time and all the efforts you've put into Doom Patrol (so far). Best of luck with your upcoming novels and we hope to see you back in the Doom Patrol arena sometime in the future!

Thanks to you as well, my friend, and to your readers, too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Brian Keene (Doom Patrol #16) interview! - Part 1

Hey everyone - Brian Keene, horror writer & DP #16 scribe, has very kindly participated in an interview - exclusive to DOOMPEDIA! This is a huge honour, and I'm very grateful to Brian for his time. Enjoy the interview - Part 2 will be up over the weekend!

Q: Brian, how and when did you first become a fan of Doom Patrol?

A: The same way I suspect most people my age did – during their initial appearance in the 80’s version of The New Teen Titans. I was instantly captivated by them, and perhaps even more so by their villains—especially The Brain and Monsieur Mallah (I’m a sucker for talking monkeys).

After that, I haunted the back issue bins and tracked down every issue of The Doom Patrol that I could find. It’s remained one of my consistent favorites, no matter which incarnation or series (with the exception of the John Byrne run, which I didn’t much care for).

Q: What led to the very enviable gig of getting to actually write an issue with Keith Giffen?

A: Mutual admiration. I’ve been a fan of Keith’s work for years, and he’s a fan of my novels. We talk quite often. During one conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to do more comics and less novels. At the time, I’d done some work for Marvel, Antarctic Press and a few other indies. Keith convinced DC to let me pitch something, and I came in with two ideas for Doom Patrol. One of them involved a sentient oil slick that’s devouring the Gulf of Mexico. The other idea was the one that ultimately appears in issue #16.

Q: How did you find working with Keith (or indeed, co-writing in general)?

A: Truthfully, I was a little nervous. Haven’t felt that way about a project in years, but I wanted to nail this one, you know? But Keith was great. He offered advice, ideas and criticism in equal measure, all of it fair and accurate. Let’s be honest—yes, the book is the Doom Patrol, but it’s also Keith’s Doom Patrol. It has his indelible stamp on every issue. He wasn’t afraid to let me play in the world and plotlines he’s created, but he also wasn’t afraid to tell me when I was getting carried away. The man is a pro, in every sense of the word. I wish there were more like him.

Q: Given Keith's art chores for the issue, is the writing split evenly between both of you, or is there a different process in place? How does it work?

I came up with the original plot. Keith and I re-worked it so that it fit into his current continuity (at the time, issue #8 had just hit the stands, so I had no idea about the return of Jost, Mr. Nobody, Rita’s secret origin, or anything else that’s happened recently). Then we did it “Marvel-style”—meaning he drew the pages, Al Milgrom inked them, and then I wrote the dialogue and everything else. First time I’ve worked Marvel-style. It’s harder than it sounds. Before this, I’d always written full scripts.

Q: Brian, you've also written for Marvel Comics and several independant companies in the recent past (Complete list HERE). What have been your most rewarding comic-writing experiences so far, and why?

A: Doom Patrol was a huge personal watermark for me, simply because of the chance to work with Keith and Al, both of whom have kept me entertained for years. The Superman story I wrote for this year’s DCU Halloween Special was fun, because it was an opportunity to contribute to the overall mythos of one of the world’s most enduring characters. And re-vamping Devil Slayer for Marvel was a real treat. I was a big fan of the original character, especially during his appearances in The Defenders.

Q: Are there any plans for you to write any more for the major comic companies?

A: Oh, yes. I’ve got several things in the pipeline. Sadly, I can’t talk about any of them yet. I’ve got more indie titles coming, as well, including a continuation of my Antarctic Press series The Last Zombie.


Part 2 will be up on the weekend, where Brian discusses his plans for Doom Patrol #16, Ted Bruder, "Mountie Ambush Bug" and his feelings about the Arcudi and John Byrne runs!

In the meantime, check out Brian's website at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mystery picture.......

It seems Matthew Clark has been drawing "an ancient IMMORTal old guy" , who may be quite familiar with the Doom Patrol..............GENERALly speaking, of course.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doom Patrol sales (Sept 2010)

Doom Patrol #14 sold 10,780 copies in September - only 98 less than #13 in August! Given how much other comics can drop from month to month, that's quite a positive. Let's hope it'll start turning upwards now! Here's a graph showing Doom Patrol sales since #1:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brian Keene says..........

From the official website of Brian Keene, upcoming writer of Doom Patrol #16:

"And next month, Doom Patrol #16 hits the stands. It was plotted by myself and Keith Giffen, written by me, drawn by Keith, and inked by Al Milgrom. It is a stand-alone issue, meaning you can read it without ever having read an issue of Doom Patrol. However, for those of you who do read Doom Patrol, this issue also ties-in closely with the on-going story arc (and introduces a few things that will impact the series in forthcoming issues). It also has cannibalism, face-ripping, angst, and Ambush Bug. How can you go wrong?"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Doom Patrol #18 cover sketches!

Courtesy of DP artist, Matthew Clark, here are some sketches of the cover process for January's #18, including original ideas, pencils and inks:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doom Patrol #18 preview - returning member?!

Hey guys - it looks like the DP may have a familiar face back in action in January (based on the cover)! Here's the preview:



The Doom Patrol just met The Aristocrats, and how better to follow a punchline than with some actual punching? The world's strangest Super Heroes face off with the world's most horrific family - and they've never had a fight like this before!

Giffen has also mentioned online that these villains (The Aristocrats) are some of his favourites! It's great to see the comic will be continuing past #18 (which, based on 6-issue arcs can sometimes be a wind-up point). Hopefully it'll be guaranteed to #24, and preferably, much further!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Reviews and links!

Came across a couple of excellent Doom Patrol #15 reviews on the 'net today, courtesy of theComics Bulletin (which rated the issue 4/5), and the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary (which gave it a B+)!

And don't forget to vote in the #15 poll, to the right - only a few days to go!

One final treat, if you haven't checked it out yet - Matthew Clark, our resident Doom Patrol artist, has set up his own website! Check it out: Matthew Clark Artist!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Translating Kryptonian in Doom Patrol #15

Courtesy of ComicBloc poster, Tenzel Kim, and CBR poster, Dubbilex, here are the Kryptonian translations from #15:

Page 3: "Here I come to save the day" and "Up up and away"

Page 5:"The will and the way"

Page 8: "Kneel before Caulder" and "Such fragile creatures"

Page 10: "It tickles"

Page 12: "The alpha and the omega"

Page 13: "Abominations" and "If an eye offend thee pluck it out"

Page 15: "The prodigal son"

Page 16: "Man of steel"

Page 17: "Home is where the heart is"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Last Patrol" - Brave and the Bold review

After finding out (ironically) that this episode actually screened in my own country almost a month ago, I've finally had an opportunity to watch this outstanding episode. The crew behind BATB successfully and respectfully integrated the Doom Patrol into their cartoon universe, and the characters were definitely true to their comic counterparts.

I particularly loved the inclusion of many Doom Patrol comic covers from the original run, as mini-adventures (2-3 seconds each!) - a wonderful touch. Also, it was a delight to see "posters" at the circus featuring none other than Beast Boy, Dorothy Spinner, Lodestone (Rhea), and Shasta the Living Mountain (from Doom Force)! The writers and animators clearly made a genuine effort here!

Story-wise, it was entertaining, and focused suitably on the Doom Patrol. Without spoiling too much, the ending was apt, and yet touching. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Doom Patrol on "Brave and the Bold" this week!!

Hey guys - I have fantastic news!

The Doom Patrol will star in "The Last Patrol", this week's episode of The Brave and the Bold:

"The outsider-heroes The Doom Patrol are pulled out of a hasty retirement when supervillains begin trying to assassinate them -- or perhaps re-unite them?"

Check out the full link (with videoclips and pictures!) at:

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Doom Patrol #15 review (Spoilers!)

And just like that, everything has changed.

In the course of the Doom Patrol's long and varied history, there have been many monumental issues, including: their first appearance, their 'death' in the original run, Grant Morrison's first issue, the revelation that the Chief was behind the original accidents, and more.

This issue will most likely fit into that elite category, as a major turning point in the lives of the Doom Patrol.

The Chief, partly influenced by his additional Kryptonian DNA, has lost the plot. He is stock-piling weapons, and is prepared to (justly) rule the world. Thanks to a....... unique teleportation move involving Ambush Bug, the Doom Patrol face their mentor like never before. A sense of finality accompanies this issue (as with the previous): we learn that Cliff is on the last of his 'bodies' (as is Larry), and that Rita, despite being sentient goo, could still be incinerated quite easily. The safety protocols that the Chief maintained are no longer in place, and the mortality of the Doom Patrol is more present than ever.

As for the Chief, his status at the end of the issue allows the Doom Patrol to head into new territory, without his guidance, and without his influence. How successful that venture will be.......only time will tell. But it's nevertheless a changing point in the history of this team. Who will lead? Who will join? Who will die?

Only Giffen, Clark et al know. And despite the absence of the Chief, the Doom Patrol has never been in safer hands.

4.5 / 5

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Robotman's new uniform?!

Until #15 arrives on shelves, here's a sneak look at Cliff's new outfit!

I think it looks pretty impressive, and matches well with Rita's uniform. Looks like Cliff is ready for combat!

Don't forget that DOOM PATROL #15 comes out this week!

Doom Patrol #15 preview - Cliff's new costume!

Hey guys, check out the 5-page preview of this week's #15, including a sneak peek at Cliff's new costume! It looks quite cool, and matches Rita's style really well. Enjoy the preview (and I've included a sketch from Matthew Clark below):