Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reviews of #18 & more........

Following on from last week's reviews of #18, here are two more courtesy of Comics Bulletin (3.5/5) and Weekly Comic Book Review (B+)!

I recently came across some comments from Matthew Clark regarding his designs of Negative Man and Crazy Jane - here's what Matthew had to say about Larry's outfit:

"My first thoughts were of a sci-fi looking pilot. Which I believe make it into the first trade. I knew that his new look needed to say pilot, test pilot, or airman. I kept thinking as I was watching documentaries on WW1 and WW2 the overall look really worked for me specifically WW1 they were less uniforms and more rebels. So that's the reason for the look plus I wanted him to to at least from a quick look people to pilot. I though about a current jet pilot look but Hall/GL really has that look and didn't want to step on toes."

 And Jane's:

"My take on Jane's re-emergence in DP is this (and this is just my thoughts) She was in paradise in Danny the World. When we reintroduce she was now homeless, and me being a silent film fan and keeping with the turn of the century designs. I went with a vagabond or tramp look like she just step out of the silent film. She's homeless and doesn't quite fit in to this world.

Again these are just my impressions as to why I've designed Jane as she appears in our book ."


  1. Fascinating stuff, Petar - Matthew's thoughts make sense. I hope we see more of Jane soon.