Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another reader review of Doom Patrol #18!

Many thanks to Steven Leitman for a detailed review of Doom Patrol #18:

Even though they have traded President Cale for Niles Caulder with only a couple issues of this transition under way it’s already a better book. Something about the way the Chief was handled bothered me but I still can’t place my finger on it. I will also say that if Cale is going to be this active with the team she’ll quickly outlive her likeability as well.

The Aristocrats, no not the Disney movie it’s more along the lines of the infamous joke which dates back to Vaudeville days. If you’ve never heard of the joke then google it for I am not about to go into it here just suffice it to say that this translates it to the comic medium perfectly. It also gives us some new players on the block that well could be quite fun for some time to come.

It seems that this family is weird, twisted and fun, not to mention funny. The conversation they are having while cliff is standing there ready to pounce was genius. Who would have thought the Duchess was the one who so enjoyed hand to hand combat. When you’re immortal you have plenty of time to learn all you need to I suppose. Turns out she’s a darn good fighter as well this was fun to see.

Sigh Larry acts like this silly incompetent when in reality he’s really not. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of his personality spotlighted and learn why he acts the way he does. I have to admit I am intrigued to see more. He is able to use the houses security system to locate President Cale and just in the nick of time too. It’s always in the nick of time isn’t it. Anyway he also lets loose the Dukes experiments as he races to get to President Cale.

Karen and Rita are with the boy and he’s a momma’s boy to boot. Rita is a tad violent in this issue when dealing the boy. We don’t really see as much of Karen as I was hoping for. She needs to be a full member of this team not just a fringe one. She’s smart, capable and would make a good addition to the team and yes restore her to full size eventually.

So Cale and the Duke (heh yeah not John Wayne) are in her cell when his experiments interrupt and well start attacking. Now these things aren’t quite dead yet apparently so I wouldn’t say they were zombies but they are close. They seem to be attacking both of them even though Cale is in cuffs.

So Larry saves Cale then two run into the gang and Rita grows to giant size and they escape all the while Cale is bitching. They just saved her ungrateful ass she needs to learn a little respect for others.

So what we learned from all this is that Cale has made some powerful enemies and is going to need the DP to keep her alive. The Aristrocrats are going to be a delightful addition to the DCU. And next issue will guest star the Secret Six.

Keith is doing one hell of a job with the writing on this series. Matthew Clark with Ron Randall do superb pencil work, I couldn’t tell which one did which pages so bravo gentlemen. With John Livesay inking and Guy Major doing colours this book remains one of the most enjoyable each and every month.

Even though i want more Karen i still give this a 5/5 rating.

Thanks again, Steven. And don't forget to check out Mart's review from the other day, as well as his blog: "Too Dangerous For A Girl!"

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