Sunday, January 2, 2011

Doom Patrol #19 delayed

Doom Patrol #19 will be delayed a week, from the 2nd February, to the 9th February.

Given that this is part of the DP/Secret Six crossover, and the Secret Six issue was due to be released on the 2nd Feb as well, I assume this delay is just to separate 'part 1' from 'part 2', to avoid people reading the issues in the wrong order. 

At least it gives us two separate weeks of Doom Patrol in February!

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  1. Does #18 come out on Wednesday or Thursday this week? I know the holiday fell on Saturday so I didn't know if that pushed the comics back a day.

    I am really excited to read #18 - this Aristocrats story has been one of my favorites of Giffen's plots so far!