Monday, January 17, 2011

Doomed updates!

Well, I'm back from my holiday - had an absolute ball - and I now own a complete collection of Grant Morrison Doom Patrol TPBs! Yes, I've already read the original issues several years ago, but I've kept them stored away as a future investment ever since. I've now read the first two Morrison TPBs in about 3 days, and I'm very much looking forward to revisiting the rest of those bizarre, but wonderful memories. 

Morrison's overall story is such a perfect complement to Keith Giffen's run. You can tell that the current Doom Patrollers are the same characters who fought the Scissormen, Red Jack and the Brotherhood of Dada, give or take a member or two. Both series are so enjoyable to read.

Speaking of Keith Giffen's run, the second TPB, "Brotherhood", is out, and can be purchased from your local comic store, or from Amazon. It contains #7-#13 of the Giffen/Clark run, and is well worth picking up for it's comparitively cheap price.

Also, I've finally had a chance to read #18, and found it very engaging, very humorous, and certainly impactful in relation to the future of the Doom Patrol. I've already included two excellent reviews from Doom Patrol fans Mart, and Steven Leitman below, so here's another positive review from Comic Book Resources, by Doug Zawisza, who runs the My Greatest Adventure blog!

That's it for now - more tomorrow! And don't forget to vote in the #18 poll!

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