Saturday, January 8, 2011

DP #18 - reader review!

Here's an excellent review of Doom Patrol #18, courtesy of Martin, sub-editor of The Scotsman, from Edinburgh - and blogger of Dangermart! Many thanks, Mart!

The Doom Patrol do well out of DC's Icons cover promotion, with an eye-popping design from Matthew Clark, beautifully coloured by Guy Major. It's especially good to see Bumblebee gliding into the foreground, now that she's an official member. And who knew the dp belt buckle would work so well as an 'icon'?

Inside, the confrontation with immortal psychos The Aristocrats continues from last issue, with the Patrol fighting on several fronts. Robotman faces a surprisingly combat-ready Duchess, Elasti-Woman and Bumblebee take on the less-fearsome Byron III, while Negative Man tries to rescue Oolong Island president Veronica Cale from the torture chair of patriarch Duke Byron II. Along the way, Bumblebee is shocked at how badly Elasti-Woman beats Byron II, we learn why Cale has been targeted by North Korea, and Larry's gaming skills come in as handy as his pilot background. Then there's the reason Byron and family hate the Patrol, and a conclusion that's not an ending - there are a trio of juicy plot danglers.

Oh, and there's another charming and clever recap page, with the Patrol rendered as fridge magnets (Lord knows, as comic book characters go they have sticking power).
Keith Giffen's script is everything we've come to expect - clear, witty, full of character and incident (even if some of the latter is a tad grislier than I'd like). I love the Aristos' ever-so-polite speech patterns, and Larry singing a snatch of Stephen Sondheim.
Pencillers Matthew Clark and Ron Randall add to the drama with their in-yer-face artwork, sharply inked by John Livesay and elegantly coloured by Guy Major. Pat Brosseau's letters make everything nice and readable, and editors Simona Martore and Elisabeth V Gehrlein deserve credit for first class talent wrangling.

In all, another fine issue of this superb series - let's hope the "collect 'em all!" cover promotion and next month's Secret Six crossover brings more readers on board to appreciate it.


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