Sunday, August 15, 2010

Matthew Clark interview (Oct 09)

I came across an excellent interview with Matthew Clark (Doom Patrol artist) from Jazma Online - Definitely worth a read! Here's his response to a query about his new Doom Patrol designs:

"So first we have Robotman, the anchor of the group, and really the heart of every version of the DOOM PATROL. With his look, I went with the bike shorts - something that screamed 'athlete'. I kind of picture him in his human form (If I was to draw that, it would be David Beckham as the model). I tried to bring him back to the robot form without muscle definition: he’s hydraulics, wires and gears. The piping on the face and chest really stems from the 50’s robot, which I thought would be a nice touch.

Negative Man: with his look, I wanted him to scream 'pilot'. That’s who he is and was from the beginning. Also I wanted to get back to the original color scheme from the first half dozen issues which they wore green. So Larry got the godphers and military turtleneck wool sweater and the bandage tails implying the scarf. His look is very 1930's/1940’s RAF pilot.

Elasti Woman: With Rita I wanted her outfit to be the red and white that she was known to wear. I ditched the mini skirt for obvious reasons as we are really playing around with her size changing and the new outfit also has a purpose that will be further explained in upcoming issues. I was looking at 1960’s Diana Rigg as Emma Peele from the Avengers TV series. I updated it a bit but very much in that vein. Plus she’s our babe and I wanted to show that part of her off more. She’s a movie star with several movies under her belt (see the background of her home for which movies she’s done. More will be showing up)."

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