Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feral Rita, Nazi Larry and Steampunk Cliff?!?

Keith Giffen is at it again, sharing some of his brilliance around at Newsarama. Check out the interview there, focusing on him pencilling #16, and including the following (SPOILER-ISH) tidbits:

Giffen: It's basically, "Whatever happened to Fast Forward from Arcudi's Doom Patrol?" You know, the guy they jokingly called Negative Man because of his attitude?

It's sort of involves him and alternate realities and things that can come through doors that are open in alternate realities.

So we're having some fun with Doom Patrol doppelgangers. Feral Rita, and Nazi Larry, and Steampunk Cliff.


  1. Ted's back! That's so incredibly cool!

  2. Definitely interested to see what's become of Fast Forward. I believe Fever reappeared in Teen Titans (was she killed off though? awww, I loved her). Anyone know if Kid Slick and Ava/Freak ever showed up again?

  3. I could have sworn Ted went insane after his medication ran out and became the new Clock King. At the end of the Arcudi series he tried pushing the limits of his powers and got stuck somehow. Either Thayer Jost or Cliff covered the expenses, but after the group dissolved I'm not sure how he could manage to pay for that.

  4. I thought the series ended w. Dorothy Spinner's life support being turned off by Cliff and the remaining 4 members of Arcudi's DP (including Ted) driving off together to find new adventures. I don't remember anything about him being the Clock King. Did that happen during the Arcudi run?

  5. Cliff didn't drive off with the other four. In fact, he deliberately made himself difficult to find; it was Jost who told the group that they had 30 days notice, or an extra $10K if they left in 24 hours (he had a buyer for the property they were occupying). They took the bonus, meaning that they needed the money. That's why I speculated that Ted's "Xanax" prescription would run out.
    Cliff also refused to witness Dorothy's death. After being unable to find a relative who cared, the hospital consulted Jost because he was paying the bills. He kept Dorothy on life support until Cliff could be located in the event that he had any objections. When Cliff couldn't reasonably object, she was removed. Technically, legally, the hospital considers the action to be on Jost's say-so, but he wanted Cliff's wishes taken into consideration.
    The Clock King thing came into question for me when I tried scouring the internet and DC promotional materials to find any scrap of information on the Arcudi team. Ava, at least, should have had difficulty keeping a low profile since her symbiote was becoming more difficult to contain. The only one who seems to have appeared was Fever, first as a future incarnation called Pandemic in TEEN TITANS #51(11/07)- #54(02/08) who traveled back to the present to prevent a tragedy that would alter her timeline. Later, in #60(08/08) and TERROR TITANS #1(12/08), the present-day Fever is captured and killed in an underworld arena for meta teens. Organizing the fights is a new, younger and more vicious Clock King. Unlike his predecessor, the clock motif comes from his ability to see briefly into the future...
    Since none of the Arcudi characters was given an origin to speak of, I was hoping that there was a connection to Ted, a relative maybe. Well, the DCU site and DC Wikia proved pretty useless: no identity, no other aliases, no personal information of any kind ("raised in Texas..." might have helped). Although his hair on the cover of TT#60 looked familiar. All the other Terror Titans have had their 'civilian' identities revealed at some point. Not him. I know that doesn't prove anything, but that's an awful long way to go for such an obscure red herring; why give him the same power as Ted and have his introduction involve killing one of the few people on earth who could identify him in the only appearance she's made in five years? Why bring back Fever at all? Granted, killing only those characters who still have potential is a perfectly Didio thing to do, but so is turning them into murderers. Unless there's a hard-core Titans fan out there who has an inkling into his real origins or the whereabouts of Ted, Ava or Vic, then either he's Ted or else there's a planned storyline that hinges on our assuming he's Ted so that his 'real' identity will come as a surprise.
    If you know for certain, tell Petar here, Doug at or me at

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  7. I knew Cliff didn't drive off with the others. I didn't say he did.

    I guess we'll just have to see what Giffen does with Ted Bruder. Maybe the "Ted as Clock King" idea was planned and then discarded.

  8. Sorry, that's my fault; I read the line break incorrectly after I came back to the computer with my Arcudi run to double-check stuff.
    And God, let's hope Giffen tosses that stuff out, or at least steers it back to whatever Johns might have been planning with the Titans before he left. In fact, if you haven't read AMBUSH BUG: YEAR NONE, it boils down to fight between AB and Didio parallel to Darkseid's scheme in FINAL NIGHT. AB winds up transporting through time as well as space, but constantly being drawn into specific scenes from the annual Crisis stories, undoing events from what they were headed to be and causing them to be as we remember reading them. Giffen (or Fleming)'s implied-but-never-stated message is that much of what we've been reading could have just as easily been the result of some Holy Fool-type screw-ups as deliberate plotting. Hopefully Giffen has a fail-safe file for Irwin, a number of possible "we can only get away with this once" story ideas for DP or the DCU generally. I can't think of any other reason for bringing back both Irwin and Danny at the same time. Superficially, they both function as transporters, right? So what distinguishes each of them? Well, as a sentient location, Danny is rare but not unique (Fiddler's Green, Mogo, and the Original JLA HQ are all thinking/alive). Irwin is unique in that he is aware (or believes, to others) that he is a comic book character and can interact with any aspect of DC continuity without actually having any impact on it. The YEAR NONE LS hints that the reason he can't change continuity is that, unbeknownst to him, he's directing it. He drove Jean Loring to murder, distracted Blue Beetle for the split second it took for him to be shot, etc. The five years leading up to FINAL CRISIS were so wonky because Irwin had nothing else to do. At the end of FINAL CRISIS we see reality 'rebooted' using Superman's vision as a template. Hopefully that reboot provides enough wiggle room to give the Jost team updated appearances or at least a more fitting coda than "I can't tell if that's him/her".