Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doom Patrol poll - Round One!!

I've added a poll to the column on the right, asking what is your favourite cover from #1-#3 of the new Doom Patrol series. I'll update this poll every 10 days or so, with the next round, eventually building to the most popular cover of the first year of the new Doom Patrol!

Feel free to comment as to why you chose the cover you did.......


  1. I do prefer the image for #1 that is shown here as opposed to the final image. The background cover they're tearing through is Doom Patrol #121 here. The death of the DP.
    The final version was #106, which just isn't as emotionally charged.

  2. True. Even though we don't see much of the cover behind, the original referenced the last issue of their first run. A nice touch. Not sure why DC changed it at the last minute, as they have with several covers in this series.