Friday, July 30, 2010

#13 preview sketch

Just the one preview sketch (so far), courtesy of Matthew Clark:


  1. That image is beautiful! I'm so looking forward to Rita's issue! She never had a chance to get a backup feature in the old silver age stories, and she's the character who's changed the most in the modern stories. Not "out of the blue" changes, mind you... but the sweet, little thing that we saw during most of the silver age is certainly not the approach that's being taken right now. At the same time, you definitely get the sense that the other guys on the team love Rita and are always looking out for her, so that hasn't changed.

  2. Amen to that. Things have definitely changed for Rita, but not so much that she isn't the same girl they know and love.

    Speaking of back-up stories, were there ever plans for her to have her own back-up stories in the old days?


  3. I think so. I haven't made it that far in my re-readings... but I thought I remembered the editor in the old letter columns saying that Rita's backup story would be coming after Cliff's and Larry's. I think I even remember Beast Boy getting a back-up. Unfortunately, the book was cancelled before Rita's back-up got a chance to be published.