Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doom Patrol poll - Round 3!

I've updated the poll on the right, asking what is your favourite cover from #7-#9 of the new Doom Patrol series. The results for the previous poll can be seen at the bottom of the column on the night, where #6's cover was the clear winner!


  1. I'm going with issue #8. I always like a cover that shows something of what's going on in the book. For me, #7 is too pretty... too posed. And while #9 is cool, I'm throwing my support behind the issue that shows Cliff doing battle with a big beastie.

  2. All the covers are great, but I'm generally a fan of those 'posed' covers. I do like the action shots, too, but sometimes I just like seeing a superteam relaxed and 'smiling for the camera'.

    The original cover for #6 had Crazy Jane with a bag over her shoulder - that would've been a great choice, but I do like the cover they replaced it with, as well.


  3. Oh I remember seeing images of the Crazy Jane cover. I really liked that one. That would've gotten my vote if they had used it.