Friday, June 24, 2011

Keith Giffen interview


It's been a while.

Aside from a very busy period in my life and at work, I've been missing Doom Patrol. There hasn't been much to say about this wonderful series that hasn't already been said at Doompedia, other blogs, or on websites. And not much news on the horizon, aside from an upcoming, out-of-continuity appearance in Tiny Titans (courtesy of My Greatest Adventure).

However, today, Keith Giffen has had more exposure than what he received for Doom Patrol in the last 2 years! His OMAC series has been the focus of interviews at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources, including the following snippet (the only one) about Doom Patrol:

Nrama: I also wanted to ask you about the cancellation of Doom Patrol, because I really loved that book.
Giffen: Well, you seem to be the only one. No, I'm kidding. I know a lot of fans loved the book and I obviously enjoyed doing it, but I'm really excited about what I'm doing now.
Nrama: Your fans have voiced a lot of concern about the fact you're not writing anything for DC, especially now that Doom Patrol is gone.
Giffen: Oh, no, they shouldn't worry. I haven't walked away from writing. I'm not really able to talk about any of that right now, but you'll be hearing about a couple things coming from me as a writer at DC.

In other news, I've been very fortunate to win the following items off eBay (something I never thought I'd own, living in Australia):

A pretty lucky deal for me, and at a great price. Now if only I can track down the DC Universe figures of Robotman and Negative Man............


  1. Congratulations on the e-bay auction. I suppose if we see the DP again next year it may be virtually only, or at least until there's enough backlog for a trade. Thanks for the tip on Giffen. I was aware he was slated for OMAC (which just felt like a Tangent series when it was brought back for INFINITE CRISIS), but I'm more curious about whatever is in the planning stages. Maybe they could call it "Crisis in Publishing Infrastructure".

  2. The only real thing we have to look forward to is Vol.3 TPB of the Giffen run. It astounds me that Doom Patrol received such critical praise with such little publicity, and yet DC didn't see fit to give it a shot at a new #1.

    Hopefully Giffen still has the stories hidden away, and will get back to them someday.