Saturday, May 7, 2011

More on Doom Patrol #22..........

Before you do anything else........... Read this.

It's a blog post, by tamaranorbust, from the DC Message Boards. If you're a fan of Doom Patrol, then you'll love this article. An absolute pleasure to read!

Tam also mentions my Doom Patrol iPetition, which is approaching 500 signatures. Can we get there? Make sure you've signed it (no donations required), and let your DP-reading friends know, as well! 500 signatures would be a great achievement, and hopefully one that DC will take notice of!

And for some more reviews of the final issue of Doom Patrol, enjoy the following:

- Comic Book Resources (Doug Zawisza gave it 3.5/5)

- Comic Vine (4.5/5)


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post Petar - anything to help the Doom Patrol. ToB (Tamaranorbust)

  2. Great analysis of the DP (past and present), ToB! Your assessment is spot on. It's too bad DC thinks an elseworlds crossover is more important than a comic crew that has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of what a superhero story could be. Although Giffen's run has not been as enjoyable to me as some of the previous versions of this book, I AM sad to see DC give up on the Doom Patrol again, rather than trying a different creative direction or figuring out ways to promote the book (other than offering 5-page previews of a book they've already canned). I keep hoping this is just a hiatus and the DP will resume in a few months with issue 23, but somehow I don't think that's really going to happen. How many fans had to plead for Manhunter and Spider-Girl to get another chance? Are there that many of us?

    Thanks for link, Petar. Although the DP may be be stepping out of what little spotlight they currently have, I hope you'll update your blog as DP news arises. They're really the only superhero characters I care about anymore. And I've got you bookmarked in my favorites.

  3. There'll definitely be updates as things happen, Ty!

    Thanks for your regular visits to DOOMPEDIA - I don't always get a chance to reply to your comments, but I always agree with, and appreciate them.

  4. Hey Petar, check out my latest blog on Cliff and Larry's feelings on being cancelled....again.

  5. Not only did DC cancel Doom Patrol, but they are restarting everything! A complete reboot of the DC Universe. 52 all #1 issues. I'm kind of thinking, "Oh brother." And then I'm also kind of thinking, "I wonder if there will be another Doom Patrol #1."