Saturday, December 18, 2010

Doom Patrol or the Aristocrats??

A DC board poster, tamaranorbust, has provided an interesting theory on how the Aristocrats are like doppelgangers of the Doom Patrol:

OK look at pg 7 where Duke Byron Boswick II is writing a letter, the page starts at the top with 'in closing let me reiterate.' He looks a lot like the Chief there.

P 14-15 the big spread in the ballroom, with Duchess Victoria - and across the room Rita is standing opposite her - it's not quite a mirror image

Byron Boswick II the 'lady killer' may be the opposite of Larry

And on p 21, Duchess Victoria has a manservant whose stance resembles Cliff. Compare pages 21 and 24 - they both have an X on their foreheads.

I also think the fact that Immortus showed up is a red flag. He tells the DP that the aristocrats, left on their own, will never die, just like him - so they've become a family of hitmen, as Cliff puts it. But that's precisely the Patrol's problem. They keep dying, but they can't die, so they become a family of heroes, now muscle for Cale.  

An interesting theory - feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


  1. It's an excellent theory. Makes sense when considering Giffen's train of thought....

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Cale's head of security (the one who looks like Bambi from "Strangers In Paradise") has been walking around with a huge 'X' on her forehead, almost from day one? And yes, the classic evil counterpart meme (Metal Men/Gas Gang, Fantastic Four/Super Apes, JLA/Crime Syndicate, etc.) is just the sort of familiar device Giffen would use to introduce a further twist later.

  3. What is the X about on her head? I've noticed it too.

    I wish they would get off Oolong Island, the DP needs to be independant. They should be the go-to team for the weird stuff that other DC heroes don't quite know how to handle.

    I do, however, love doppelgangers. And this has been one of the best stories so far.

  4. Thanks for posting my theory Petar!

  5. Very welcome - definitely interesting stuff!