Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doom Patrol #17 review

Definitely a change of pace for Doom Patrol, with the recent action scenes being replaced by character-building and relationship-development. It's definitely a welcome change, as the team certainly needs time to discuss the change in their status quo, with Veronica Cale replacing the Chief as their 'boss'. This new setup is not appreciated by the Doom Patrol, who question whether they were anyone's property to begin with.

As for the Aristocrats, you'd almost think they were created by Grant Morrison! Keith Giffen serves up one of the strangest families ever, with a guest appearance by original Doom Patrol enemy, General Immortus - who I don't think we've seen the last of! They're an........ interesting family, and one that Giffen is definitely having fun with. 
And Bumblebee returns to active status this issue, probably seeing more action than any other member. She is a welcome (re)addition to the team, and I look forward to seeing what happens with her next. Whilst she has waited in the background while Giffen focused on the main three, it's now time for another character to have their moment to shine - now if only we can get her a DP logo belt......

Matthew Clark, as always, shares some delightful artwork with us. However, I feel that, at times, Ron Randall's pencilling was not as detailed as usual, which detracted in a few of the early pages. 

Overall, another enjoyable issue! 4/5


  1. I -*loved*- this issue! The focus on the relationships; the (kinda) new team member in action; IMMORTUS! Holy cow he was so creepy yet civil, it was great seeing him; and most of all, The Aristocrats themselves - wow I'm keen to learn more about them, and so far they look to be a *great* addition to the dP's rogues gallery.

    I've often wondered if we'd get to see the introduction of new enemies that would be up there with some of the "classic" dP villains, and thereby reduce the reliance on dragging out said villains - I think Giffen and Co have struck gold!

  2. Amazing issue, this one. General Immortus was a lovely surprise, and I loved that he was drawn to look so fragile and coloured with the yellowy tinge of a sick old man.

    I assumed Ron Randall's less detailed pencils were delibeate, to bring in a Richard Case vibe. Just the very fact of having Ron contribute makes me smile - I loved Arak, son of Thunder.

  3. I actually think Matthew Clark's artwork recalls Richard Case. I do agree that having two artists draw one issue is one of the bigger flaws in this comic. Matthew Clark has definitely won me over, but I wish he could draw the entire issue. Why not have him draw alternating issues and get a second artist to draw those Clark doesn't do, rather than trying to blend two artists together in one issue? The jumpy artwork was, in my opinion, the weakest part of this issue. Putting that aside, I thought this was one of the best issues of this run. While I'm not keen on the DP being "nationalized" by Veronica Cale, they're getting off Oolong Island and doing something AT LAST. And where do they go? North Korea! Definitely a timely twist to things. Plus we get Cliff in a tux - awesome! Karen gets to do something besides listen to Rita's problems! And the Aristocats are a freaky fun new nemesis for the DP, fitting in right alongside AVM Man, the Beardhunter, and some of the other outlandish foes they've faced! General Immortus's cameo was really sweet too. Wish all the issues were this good. Looking forward to the conclusion and to the DP's adventures now that they're out from under the Chief's thumb. But when are we going to see Crazy Jane again?