Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doom Patrol #16 review

We've waited Keene-ly for months and what they've Giffen us is something different, yet thoroughly entertaining (all jokes TM Larry Trainor 2010).

Brian Keene and Keith Giffen have treated us to a once-off collaboration that fits seemlessly into the current run, whilst setting the stage for some future developments. The alternate versions of our heroes are striking doppelgangers and their impact is certainly felt, amongst the citizens of Delta City, as well as within the Doom Patrol itself. Tensions ride high, in the absence of the Chief, and issues of trust, personal stability and self-confidence are welling up within the team itself. Nothing is smooth-sailing, and it makes them (and the readers) wonder if they really were better off with the Chief.

Giffen's artwork, reminiscent of a 90s style, suited the story very well, and this was highlighted by Al Milgrom's inks. I'd certainly be happy to see more artwork from Giffen in this series, without taking away from the monthly joys of Clark and Randall.

There seems to be some undercurrents of insecurity brewing within the Doom Patrol. Keene has established this well, and hopefully Giffen will follow up with next issue's visit to the Aristocrats. Overall, a very entertaining 'guest' issue, which progressed the ongoing story smoothly. Hopefully we'll see some more visits from Brian Keene in the future!


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  1. Nice review of a terrific issue, more 'not really fill-ins' from the Keene/Giffen/Milgrom team would be great.

    And I wonder what's down below ...