Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Last Patrol" - Brave and the Bold review

After finding out (ironically) that this episode actually screened in my own country almost a month ago, I've finally had an opportunity to watch this outstanding episode. The crew behind BATB successfully and respectfully integrated the Doom Patrol into their cartoon universe, and the characters were definitely true to their comic counterparts.

I particularly loved the inclusion of many Doom Patrol comic covers from the original run, as mini-adventures (2-3 seconds each!) - a wonderful touch. Also, it was a delight to see "posters" at the circus featuring none other than Beast Boy, Dorothy Spinner, Lodestone (Rhea), and Shasta the Living Mountain (from Doom Force)! The writers and animators clearly made a genuine effort here!

Story-wise, it was entertaining, and focused suitably on the Doom Patrol. Without spoiling too much, the ending was apt, and yet touching. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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  1. A great episode and surprisingly moving - especially if you were lucky enough to read Doom Patrol 121 first time around [1968]. If only they could get a decent writer to work on a New 52 version that had some connection to the actual feel and direction of the original run, the Doom Patrol might be worth reading again... and seeing their own tv spot. [Please don't anyone pretend the Grant Morrison run was anything but another yawn fest of one of the most over-rated and untalented writers in the UK]