Thursday, October 7, 2010

Doom Patrol #15 review (Spoilers!)

And just like that, everything has changed.

In the course of the Doom Patrol's long and varied history, there have been many monumental issues, including: their first appearance, their 'death' in the original run, Grant Morrison's first issue, the revelation that the Chief was behind the original accidents, and more.

This issue will most likely fit into that elite category, as a major turning point in the lives of the Doom Patrol.

The Chief, partly influenced by his additional Kryptonian DNA, has lost the plot. He is stock-piling weapons, and is prepared to (justly) rule the world. Thanks to a....... unique teleportation move involving Ambush Bug, the Doom Patrol face their mentor like never before. A sense of finality accompanies this issue (as with the previous): we learn that Cliff is on the last of his 'bodies' (as is Larry), and that Rita, despite being sentient goo, could still be incinerated quite easily. The safety protocols that the Chief maintained are no longer in place, and the mortality of the Doom Patrol is more present than ever.

As for the Chief, his status at the end of the issue allows the Doom Patrol to head into new territory, without his guidance, and without his influence. How successful that venture will be.......only time will tell. But it's nevertheless a changing point in the history of this team. Who will lead? Who will join? Who will die?

Only Giffen, Clark et al know. And despite the absence of the Chief, the Doom Patrol has never been in safer hands.

4.5 / 5


  1. Just finished reading it - still lost for words (other than "Who the hell is Millicent?")...