Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giffen musings.....

Great news about Doom Patrol's future, courtesy of Keith Giffen:

"Soooo... no disrespect to the naysayers but it doesn't look like Doom Patrol is going away anytime soon. I was asked to hand in a second year overview, got it okayed and we're off and running.

Thanx to all for the support, critiques and concern. Sorry I can't be a more frequent poster but my docket suddenly got filled to overflowing and time is at a premium (always room for Ferguson's show though).

Some upcoming situations to watch out for...

Germany has not forgotten the black hole incident.

Exactly what atrocity has the Chief got hidden away in his, oh so private, lab?

A, long overdue, spotlight on Rita.

Did you really think we'd forgotten Bumblebee?

Who are the Fashion Police? No, no, not Tim Gunn"

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