Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brave & the Bold #34 review!

A fun two-minute read, but definitely not as much fun as the regular series!

It's great to see the DP getting some "outside" exposure - and I definitely think JMS had a decent handle on the characters, but I've never been a LOSH reader, and I was hoping for more Doom Patrol to maintain my interest.

I thought the writer's attempts at humour were quite old-school, but nothing compared to the belly-laughs the current series provides. The writing was good, in general, but had the page count been longer, I'm hopeful things could've been explained in more details at times. But for a once-off (at least for DP appearances), its was suitably fun. Just like with the regular series, we need to support Doom Patrol so that the characters stick around in some format - and we're pretty darn lucky to get what we currently have!

(And here's another more detailed review from CBR!)

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