Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doom Patrol #10 review


Well - that was quite exhausting. A lot of panels, numerous discussions, many characters and some interesting artwork all combine to provide a lengthy (but rewarding) read. A lot of fan requests over recent months have been (at least partly) answered, while the new storyline kicks into high gear early. From the repercussions of "Black Hole Phil" and his Germanical-genocide, to the formation of the Front Men; from pelican stalkers to multiple personality disorders, this issue has a LOT to take in.

But it's worth it. Once again, Giffen and his two artists provide a visual feast, full of Negative Man one-liners, and Porcelain pieces. Almost every notable character from the current run of Doom Patrol appears in this issue, with the only exceptions being Bumblebee, Danny the Bungalow and Ambush Bug (all who receive mentions!). Not only are past plot-threads picked up on, but new pieces are put into place to well and truly guide Doom Patrol into it's second year.

I should note how well the art styles of both artists complement each other - a rarity in comics, as different styles are normally quite jarring. And both styles are supported by Giffen's realistic dialogue - he brings the characters to life more and more each issue. It almost feels like I *know* Larry and Cliff, and look forward to their jibes every issue.

My only disappointment was that we never saw the first meeting between Crazy Jane and Rita. What a treat that would've been!

Great issue - 4.5 / 5


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  1. Love this comic as I do, I was lost. I especially couldn't follow the spread of panels across pp12-13. I'm pretty much there now, though I'm still not sure how force field fella used his powers at bottom right. Oh well!