Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doom Patrol #8 Review


I think this is my favourite issue yet.

I could list everything I loved about this issue, but I would be here for LOOOONG time. And if I tried to list the 'faults'..... I'd really have to think about it. No about........ why is this comic not being released weekly?!

Giffen has outdone himself in the humour department. And given how high he sets the bar, that's quite an achievement!! How in the world does he make Larry's pelican-paranoia more engaging than 95% of other comic's storylines?! And the punchlines flow freely and smoothly, with Cliff acting as the perfect counterpoint.

And speaking of Cliff..... what an interesting little introspective moment shared between him and Dusty...... I would buy this comic purely for the character interaction. From the scenes with Rocky & Crazy Jane, to Larry and "annoying woman", every line blends into the next, creating a stimulating tapestry of conversations. Also, the art was great - as always (in my opinion). From Clark, to Justiniano, to any art-assists they've had, I feel that the artwork has always been one of Doom Patrol's strengths.

It must also be said that very scene that mentioned Danny the Street was exceptionally well-handled - particularly the very last "speech bubble" and the reference to Dr G. Morrison. Absolutely fantastic.

5/5. Without a doubt.


  1. I also thought this was the pinnacle of DP's newest incarnation. Giffen has gotten the voice of each character just perfect (considering I have just read both Arcudi's and Drake's original runs, I have them pretty fleshed out in my mind - and Giffen is the one who got them right). And all those who doubted he was setting things up for a big weird showdown have to rest their cases.
    5/5 indeed.

  2. Yeah, I gotta chime in with agreeing that the issue was really good! Giffen's got a great voice for each of the characters. I've been going back and reading the original run and his take on the characters seems like a natural outgrowth. Cliff and Larry continue to bicker at each other, but there's a sense of the respect/friendship that they have for each other under the snark. I really like the way that he's fleshed out Larry - dude's got some of the best lines of the series.

    I'm liking what he's doing with Rita, too, though her personality seems to be the furthest from the original run. Not that her presentation is off... she's certainly been through plenty to justify the way she's acting... but she's no longer simply the independent, warm-hearted peace-maker. She's a little bit broken and I'm looking forward to seeing that aspect explored.

    Did anyone else notice what was going on with her hand when that beastie blew up? Did she lose part of her hand?

    And the blueprint aliens? Did anyone else notice that they were wearing the same logo that was seen on the plane from last issue that was carrying Jost and company. There's definitely a bigger story building in the background. Can't wait to see it.

  3. What an excellent observation!

    A lot of things are starting to tie together: the insect woman (and her spawn) from #1, Mento and his collection of memorabilia, plus Crazy Jane, Danny, Thayer Jost and the AVM-Man from previous runs. And the great thing is - you don't need to know past continuity to understand what's happening - Giffen gives out just the right amount of information to the reader.

    Seems to me that Thayer Jost - or indeed, whoever is possessing him - has a fairly broad-reaching range.....

  4. I agree. I'm completely unfamiliar with the Morrison run, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Giffen explains it all as it goes along, although you may have to wait an issue for some pieces to fall into place. Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm curious about who's pulling the strings... who's manipulating Jost? I figure it has to be a Doom Patrol enemy from way back... who else would hold such a grudge against the team. But there aren't all that many recurring baddies. Immortus, the Brain (and the rest of the Brotherhood, although none of theme strike me as planners), Garguax... that's about all that I can come up with.