Thursday, February 4, 2010



Another top-notch issue from Giffen, Clark and the DP team!

After a two-part crossover into the darker side of the DC Universe (blending seamlessly with the bigger story), and a one-off covering the history of the Doom Patrol, the creative team hit the ground running with the latest issue! We knew from solicitations, and the previous cover - which wasn't the one released - that Crazy Jane was returning...... but there was no previous mention made of Danny the Street/World, Thayer Jost, the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, or some other little cameos that we were blessed with.

In an industry where surprises have generally lost their nature, those of us who worship this little corner of the DCU were certainly given a few to appreciate. I doubt anyone predicted the business-focused founder of his own Doom Patrol, from the Arcudi run, would show up again in the modern DCU! Even several months ago, I would've assumed Crazy Jane and Danny would've remained in their little pocket of memory, tucked away in a quiet corner of Grant Morrison's library. And how long has it been since we last saw the AVM-Man??

It's also interesting to see several threads of storyline starting to converge. The purple creatures from #1 make an appearance, and it seems that Thayer Jost may not be exactly what he seems, while he puts plans in motion to unite several Doom Patrol foes. Could a new Brotherhood be on the rise?

And after all that, we only get to see the regular crew for a page or two. But the rapport between the characters shines stronger than ever.

Despite a few pages of rather sparse artwork (by a second artist) that contrasted a little with Matthew Clark's detailed work, I have no complaints. Another excellent issue. 4.5/5


  1. After the anticipation brought by the original cover, I was a little disappointed that Crazy Jane only made a one-page appearance in this issue. Having followed the entire Arcudi run as well as the DP's appearance in Geoff Johns' Teen Titans (and of course Grant Morrison's classic storyline), there were lots of nice little references in this issue to Doom Patrols past. A little sad to see what happened to Danny the Street, but of course no one stays dead in comics forever anyway.

    Out of curiosity, what happened to the original solicit cover? Is it being published as a variant cover?

    The exchange on the last page was just great, expressing in a dozen lines of dialogue why these three stay together. Giffen's one of the best at using humor to define characters.

    Once again, this is my favorite superhero comic currently being produced. Thanks for the review. In fact, thanks for the whole damned site.


  2. Hey Mike - you're more than welcome. This new series has really brought my love of Doom Patrol to the forefront, so I'm happy to share that with other fans, new and old!

    Re: the cover, I think this one was originally a possible #1 cover, or alternatively, a promo piece. Not sure why the Crazy Jane cover wasn't used for #7, though.

    I also think that last page was one of the BEST single pages of the entire series so far. It showed exactly why they stay together, and what they mean to each other, even via subtle humour.

    And I'm still surprised that we saw major characters from THREE different DP runs, all return in the same issue........


  3. Great review, did you enjoy the Metal men too?

    I loved this issue* also, expecially the last page and particularly the final panel - you really see that these folk are friends.

    * Lengthy version of that statement here:

  4. My first read through of this issue left me a little cold. I didn't start to see all the connections until I reread it, and then, the purple monsters, and the bug lady antagonist from the first issue started to make a little more sense. I didn't read much of the Morrison Doom Patrol, so seeing Crazy Jane and Danny the Street wasn't that big a deal for me (but I appreciate that other DP fans are probably pretty excited to see them back). I am looking forward to seeing how Crazy Jane folds into the series. I understand she's got a strong friendship with Cliff, so I'm wondering how Rita will react when they meet. I can see the reaction going in two different ways, but I'm really hoping that Jane and Rita hit it off.
    Loved seeing the AVM man return, and I'm curious who's pulling the strings behind Thayer Jost... guesses that the Brotherhood might be returning, certainly seem to be on the money.
    The best part of the issue, was the final page. It's probably the best page of the series so far. It really *really* captured why these characters stay together and underlined the fact that even though they have their grumpy, negative moments, that they see themselves as a family. Really looking forward to the next issue.