Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doom Patrol #20 review

Things are moving too quickly.

We only have TWO more issues of Doom Patrol left to enjoy. And it's truly a shame that DC are cancelling one of their most consistent, intelligent and humorous comics.

The latest issue sees the individual members of the Doom Patrol reaching out to other super-heroes for support and somewhere to live. The reception is less than warm, as recent incidents on Oolong Island have seen the Doom Patrol regarded as 'dangerous goods' in the eyes of the superhuman community.

But an old......acquaintance.....reaches out to them. And I don't mean Super-Hip (from Doom Patrol Vol.1 #104!). I'll let you read the issue, but it follows on from something Giffen hinted online nearly a year ago. And it's going to lead to some very entertaining conclusions in #22 (after the Robotman spotlight in #21).

Giffen masterfully takes the characters from scene to scene, without feeling forced, and clearly demonstrates their unfortunate standing in the community. Clark and Randall on art work fluidly together, although in a few panels, it's hard to tell who is speaking (Rita/Gar) or being hit by the Porcelain Doll. Minor issues, given the overall quality of another fantastic issue of Doom Patrol.

Next issue is "Cliffhanger". In more ways than one. I can't wait. - 4.5/5


  1. This issue's cover instantly took a place in my favorites of all time. Nothing like referencing a show that was canceled prematurely after word came out that the book got the axe.

  2. Damn shame that DP is being cancelled...Again! When is DC gonna'get things right with this book?
    Oh well, I did love the spotlight issues we got from Giffen, Cliff's is next right? Too bad Giffen didn't have the time or space for a Chief one huh?

  3. Good issue - but what show was being referenced?

  4. Firefly, specifically the episode Trash the opening scene

  5. Oh, that went right over my head.